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Speedy Car Loans (SCL) is not just another pretty face! Although it sounds like a car title loan store, it is actually a new kind of car dealership with a twist... it is not a dealership and it has no cars! SCL has two other unusual features. They do what they say they are going to do! How many company's in your life have you worked with that actually do that let alone a car dealership? Last but not least, they can finance anyone!

Example: My wife and I are currently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and my wife is the only one working a regular job. We had to give back our second car so there is a repo on our record as well.

After describing our credit situation Robert responded, "No problem, let's find you the car you want!". I gave Robert and Casey very exacting parameters (year, make, model, ext. & int. color, low miles, price). In less than a week they had found the EXACT car I specified (the car had over 6,000 miles left on the factory warranty!). For icing on the cake they got me 4 brand new tires with a lifetime warranty!

Remember the time it took just to do the paperwork when you bought your last car? We did all the paperwork and took delivery in 15 minutes! Robert and Casey are so helpful, friendly and efficient you'll find it hard to believe they sell cars.

Here's the bottom line: You can get any car you want financed at any price with any specifications you prefer at Speedy Car Loans, FAST!


I would like to thank robert and casey for all their help. I happen to find speedy car loans online, and applied and was called only a couple days after I applied. After I spoke with casey and robert, I was financed and in a car of my choice in less than a week. The service they showed me was second to none, and they went the extra mile to find the car I wanted. After they found the car I wanted they had it checked out, and even had the brakes replaced. I was burnt before by a buy here pay, and was worried and also skeptical about how fast and easy it was dealing with robert. Trust me when I tell you if your looking for a car look no further. They will get you in the car you want, and will get you financed by a bank. This has been the easiest and best customer service I can ever had. I can not thank robert or casey enough for the first class treatment to me as a customer.

Sincerely a more than satisfied customer
- Chad Roedersheimer

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you and your staff has done for my son and I....I made the right decision by choosing your company to get a new car...You and your staff went above and beyond with your great service....It was painless, quick and most of all the vehicle you got me is THE BOMB!!!!

You folks don't realize how GREATFULL my son and I are!!!!!! You've made this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!, You've given me my INDEPENDANCE back (Ex Husband was abusing the situation of me not having a car for a month and a half), You've given me my CONFIDENCE back and the feeling that I CAN do things on my own., You've made my 6yr old son FEEL SAFE again with the vehicle you got me. As we were driving home he was so cute he and HAPPY. He told me " Mom this car is sooooo much more roomier for me, the back windows can go down, we have a radio,we have heat, I have a cup holder in the back for me, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER MOM!!!!.

I told him that it wasnt me who made this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER it was you folks...I can honestly say taking my nieghbors advice and going to your website and applying online was THE SECOND BEST DECISION I've made in my life..Yes I did say second...sorry...getting a divorce almost 2yrs ago was the first....LOL.

So again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER !!! I'm ending the year 2011 on a VERY POSITIVE NOTE as well as starting the year 2012 on a VERY POSITIVE AND UPLIFTING NOTE... Sincerely,
- Antoinette & Alexander

Robert, thank you once again for your help in getting my wife into a new car. As I said before, her previous car was a 1998 Chevy Silverado with over 176K miles; She is very happy with the Chrysler.

We went to Agave after we took delivery last night and we really couldn't believe how easy it was working with you and your staff; rest assured, you'll get my future business, even if I'm living in Arizona. I´┐Żll also be more than happy to refer people your way.

All the Best,
- Charles

"I wanted a specific type of vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma, but I knew my credit wasn't the best, so I was in a jam. I contacted Corey and Robert and they were able to easily finance me for what I was looking for, and then they really got to work. For 3 weeks both of them scoured the entire nation looking for my Truck, and they never quit, after a while I told them I felt bad for all the extra work they did, but they didn't want to hear it, all they cared about was making me happy. They did, they found the perfect truck, Robert personally inspected the truck and made sure it was a great buy, and it was. They even delivered the truck to me!! I would recommend Speedy Auto Loans and HAVE recommended them to everyone I know, it's easier then the hassle of a dealership or used car lot, and they really do want to find exactly what you want. They do a great job!! Thanks guys!!"
- Will K.

Just wanted to say thank you for a great truck, great deal and a great overall experience, you guys are the best! Thanks again.
- Bernie Boyd

Are you tired of the games played by auto dealerships? Worse yet, is when your credit is bad and you have no choice but pay an outrageous monthly installment. There is hope out there that car dealerships and their sales people will not reveal to you. Ever heard of Speedy Auto Financing? This company specializes in finding and financing cars for people with bad credit. Eventually putting these same individuals back on a healthier credit track as long as they keep their payments up to date.

How do I know? I am one of their clients. I have looked far and wide and I am very thankful to havefound them on-line. Speedy Auto is owned and managed by Robert Lambson. This company is not a car dealership. Robert introduces a fresh approach in used or new car buying. You complete a short application on-line, you choose a couple of vehicles you prefer and he finds them for you. Having been in the auto sales industry for a good amount of time, Robert has the right connections within and outside Las Vegas who provides him with very good quality vehicles.

I am once again with a vehicle after 4 months of driving a moped to and from work. I highly recommend this very professional and compassionate gentleman for you to consider when purchasing your next used of new car. Call him and see what I mean. Robert can be reached at (702) 271-2139.
- Regor Cabalfin

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